Ils sont fous ces pequistes: PQ aide stirs controversy over language

Akos Verboczy, an aide to PQ Language and Immigration minister Diane De Courcy was exposed to have taken the audacity to use the media to insult anglophone and immigrant minorities in his article titled, "Ils sont fous ces Anglos." While the opposition Liberals call on the PQ to fire him, the PQ accuse the Liberals of stirring up trouble for nothing.

Verboczy has been sitting at the hearings for Bill 14 and wrote in September 2012 about how anglophones are paranoid and obsessed over language laws and see francophones as xenophobic racists.

De Courcy downplayed the controversy, saying the articles were part of his past life - all the more reason why he shouldn't be their aide. It appears the criteria to be part of the PQ government is to have no tolerance for minorities, actively drive a wedge in language politics and encourage francophones to discriminate against the "maudit anglais."

However De Courcy dismissed Liberal charges for her to fire Verboczy saying, “This is a Liberal opposition that is trying to hit this person's credibility but also, mainly, it's their way to strike at my own credibility.”

Well, for the record, unrelated to anything political, if the mandate of the Quebec government is to unite all Quebecers towards a common future, then hiring a person who you knew had a divisive history and mentality would raise questions on your credibility of your mandate. De Courcy's mandate is to encourage the growth and strength of an already strong Quebec culture, not encourage a witch hunt against non-francophones and breed hatred toward non-francophones for political motive.

“With that kind of lack of respect, how can this person then become an advisor to the minister on Bill 14 which divides Quebecers,” said Liberal MNA Geoff Kelley.

“What he wrote about anglophones shows that he is not able to work on a project to bring Quebecers together,” he said.

De Courcy dismissed the Liberal MNA saying shes more interested in numbers that propose that one in five immigrants don't know how to speak french. She accused the Liberals of distracting Quebecers from the goal of helping these people learn french. 

It isn't a good day to be a pequiste, with their xenophobic mentality showing more every time they speak, one can't help but remember the divisions that started in the last provincial election where a group of anglophones in Montreal were targeted for not speaking french.

Or this woman in the metro that went balistic over the matter, and to Verboczy's surprise, she isn't an anglophone.

The Parti Quebecois which won a minority government with only 32% of the popular vote thinks it represents all Quebecers when in fact it does not, not even close. Recent polling trends put the PQ at only 28% and with good reason, they don't represent Quebecers nor francophones or anglophones. It goes to show that their separatist support is bleeding, massively to the Quebec Solidaire who joined the Liberals in condemning De Courcy's judgement saying that her aide should apologize to anglophones, something that likely won't happen.

The PQ government is so focused on its hatred towards anglophones the world is buzzing and the business community is unimpressed. If the PQ's goal was to once again make Quebec the laughing stock of the world then the only word that needs to be uttered is "pasta."

And to De Courcy's aide who so ignorantly discriminates against anglophones, perhaps it is time he got a lesson about the reality of the situation. Every anglophone in Quebec is the francophone of Canada, a minority that feels it is under attack. The two groups of minorities, however, have very different characteristics. The anglophone majority in the rest of Canada isn't obsessed over language and telling Quebecers to speak English and the anglophone majority in the rest of Canada isn't spewing hatred towards the francophone minority. Instead, in Quebec, we have a minority of radical french separatists that manipulate their way to power and use this power to spread hate and prejudice against anglophones. How fair is that? 

And does Verboczy dare say anglophones are obsessed over language politics? All you have to do is add "pasta" to a menu of an Italian restaurant to fire up every pequiste in a room. To make things clear to you and your backward mentality, Verboczy, only a small group of francophones are seen as xenophobic racists and these people are a minority in the Parti Quebecois, a place you call your home - you fit in well there too. As for the obsession over language politics, anglophones would much rather be focusing on jobs and the economy, but the PQ have their hearts set on dictating the lives of every Quebecer as the Quebec economy goes off the cliff.

As for De Courcy, hiring and supporting Verboczy shows your attitude towards the anglophones and your judgement as a minister of the state. Not only should Verboczy apologize  De Courcy should as well. Not only should Verboczy be fired, De Courcy should be as well. Incompetent and fueled by wedge politics, it is no surprise De Courcy and Verboczy fit so snugly together in the department that governs the Office de la langue francais that symbolizes the paranoia and obsession of a small minority over how the majority choose to live and do business.

As for CAQ leader Francois Legault who is allowing Bill 14 to pass to its next stages, anglophones won't forget and propping up a PQ government with 60% dissatisfaction and recent poll numbers showing a lack in support from francophones as well will only prove to give your party the same door out of office. 

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