Marois: We need a majority government; Polls show otherwise

Premier Pauline Marois has been clear from the last election that the only thing she cares about is power and despite polling numbers giving the Liberals, led by Philippe Couillard, a near majority government, she has told Quebecers she needs a majority mandate to govern. Plagued by a 60% disapproval rating and clear incompetence, one must wonder if she will be able to copy Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper's style.

For those that follow federal politics, it is worth remembering Harper's closed door speech in Sault St-Marie where he told Conservatives he needed a majority government.

At a PQ Council in Quebec, Marois referred to 1976 to describe the current political situation where all political parties were in attack mode. She united her troops by speaking of sovereignty, saying the focus of the PQ is a “majority government."

Marois told her 450 activists they have an “obligation to win.”

Marois went on the attack calling the Liberals “the biggest obstacle to integrity.” She also attacked the Quebec Solidaire asking them why they call the PQ the cause of all Quebec's problems but refuses to criticize the PQ for closing Gentilly-2, putting an end to the asbestos industry, and establishing a four-year-old early kindergarten and adding classes for 1,200 low-income children.

PQ Environment Minister said he's concerned over the latest polls that severely punish the party for what he calls difficult decisions it has made.

Union Leader and one of the PQ's famous activists said the party is down in the polls "because of austerity measures that haven’t pleased their electorate."

However it is amazing to see a party so blatantly ignorant of their electorate. Despite support for sovereignty being at all time lows, the PQ has decided to make a topic that Quebecers are sick and tired of their primary topic. Rather than uniting all Quebecers behind them, they actively shirk their responsibilities to wage their hatred toward anglophones. Don't think the recent news of the uneducated and spiteful Akos Verboczy's comments on anglo-Quebecers will bide well. We have entered an era of tolerance and as such francophones and anglophones have united and accepted each other everywhere but in the small minority called the Parti Quebecois. Most importantly, the PQ have flip-flopped on everything they campaigned on and rather than focusing on the Economy they have focused on language laws and discriminating against anglophones.

It is without question a new Leger Marketing poll today gives the Liberals an 8 point lead over Marois with 35%. The PQ only have 27%, CAQ 19% and Quebec Solidaire 11%.

The PQ is bleeding support because they are a group of liars filled with spite and a hidden agenda. Quebecers see right through it and one must wonder how well Harper-style politics will work for Marois in Quebec, they certainly haven't aided the Conservatives any.

To Francois Legault, who is giving the PQ their lifeline, don't make the same mistake the opposition made federally when Harper manoeuvred his way to a majority by having a lack of opposition. Even if you do lose seats, it is better for your cause to have a Liberal government than a PQ government.

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