PQ to boycott federal companies that don't abide by law 101

The PQ government has decided to only do business with federal companies that comply to law 101. From banks to postal services to telecommunications to pipelines to grain handlers, the decision would effect over 171,000 employees who work in the federal public sector.

“It's important because the part of our economy which is on the responsibility of the federal organization is very important in Quebec so it is important to apply the law 101 or the law 14 at these institutions,“ said Premier Pauline Marois. “We are a people and it is important to continue to live on this continent in French.”

The Liberals oppose the PQ's edict.

“Whenever they see the word 'federal' they break out in a rash or something,” said Liberal MNA Geoff Kelley. “It's solution looking for a problem.”

The CAQ who have tried to make Bill 14 work say they are disappointed with the edict.

"That's a little bit insulting because we spent eight weeks and we did not even talk about it and we never received groups that were from federal jurisdictions," said CAQ MNA Nathalie Roy.

So how many more Quebecers will go unemployed because of the reckless and needless PQ war against the English? Recent polls suggest there is no interest in forming a country - or sticking with the PQ in the next election. There's a reason, it's the PQ's choice to go backward and start poking the government's head in places where it doesn't belong.

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