Quebec Election 2014 Platform Comparison

Elections are a chance to choose a vision for Quebec.This comparison includes the major parties' stances on the issues they think matters to you. The information contained in this post comes from their platforms directly, along with any outstanding announcements they may have made during the course of the campaign.

The vote is set to take place April 7, 2014 and incumbent Premier Pauline Marois has her eyes set on a majority government. However, the nature of Quebec's politics is unpredictable and over the campaign, polls suggest a significant shift in momentum could give Marois's chief opponent Liberal leader Philippe Couillard the executive power. Anything can happen and nothing is guaranteed. Here are the tools you need to make your decision on who has earned your vote.

Meet the Leaders

Pauline Marois

Incumbent Premier Marois is a veteran politician who started in the Rene Levesque days and has run many ministries throughout her time as being an MNA.

Philippe Couillard

Former neurosurgeon and university professor Couillard was the former Health and Social Services Minister from 2003 to 2008. He increased health funding $4.2 billion and prohibited smoking in public.

Francois Legault

Former Minister in the Bernard Landry PQ Government. He was Minister of Education and of Health. Defected from the PQ to build a party to put sovereignty aside to focus on Quebec's economy.

Francoise David

David was President of the Federation des Femmes du Quebec. She has also published "Bien commun recherché - une option citoyenne," which attempts to create a new political doctrine.

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