Daniel Ratthe suspended from CAQ caucus amid allegations

CAQ leader Francois Legault suspended MNA Daniel Ratthe from caucus after corruption allegations arose as part of the Charbonneau commission. While Ratthe was shocked to hear his name called, Legault told him to step aside to protect the CAQ's reputation.

"In the past I suggested that politicians concerned by allegations should temporarily step out, step aside. It is therefore logical for me to apply the same rule for the sake of the Coalition Avenir Québec," Ratthe said.

“Personally, it was not an easy decision. For me, it’s important that we protect the reputation of the Coalition Avenir Québec,” Legault said.
In 2005, a witness at the commission alleges one of Ratthe's organizers received cash from the construction industry during his bid to become mayor of Blainville.

After losing the 2005 municipal election, Ratthe entered provincial politics as a PQ MNA in 2008, but was kicked out of the PQ caucus in 2011 when leader Pauline Marois suspected he was about to defect to the CAQ.

"I cannot put my confidence in a member whose convictions are swayed by opportunism...I cannot accept a member remaining in the heart of our political party while considering joining the Coalition Avenir Québec," said Marois in a statement on November 24, 2011.

Six PQ MNAs left the PQ in 2011 because of dissatisfaction of Marois's leadership. 

Ratthe was reelected as a CAQ MNA in 2012.

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