Francophone entrepreneur slams Law 101

A Francophone youth is condemning Law 101 after it acted to prevent his company Wellark from seeing the light of day. Xavier Ménard took to YouTube to challenge the Marois government on its stance on Law 101 and aired on CTV Montreal within hours later.

Law 101 has given the Quebec government the excuse to expand and encroach on people's lives. It has fueled tensions between linguistic groups in Quebec and it has also made the Quebec government a bully. Rather than promote the French language and Quebec culture, Law 101 has been the hallmark of telling people what language they should speak and what culture people should embrace - something that should never be the government's role to play.

Ménard argued that Law 101 is regressive and the Cirque du Soleil does a better job promoting the French language than Quebec ministers. In addition, he asked what point there was of speaking French in the workplace if there were no jobs - pointing at Quebec's stagnant high unemployment rates and the staggering youth unemployment rates.

He went on to ask how Quebecers are at an advantage on the world stage, and even at home, by regressive language laws that hold them back. Noting Marois said Quebecers should be happy their language is protected from what she said were "evil English capitalists."

Marois has since tried to strengthen Law 101 with Bill 14 which encroaches more on individual liberties than Law 101 ever did.

In the meantime, the young Francophone is taking the Quebec government to court to get his company and his name set up. Now is the time to promote job growth and the economy and Quebec's "idiotic" laws have made that next to impossible. If Quebec were to separate, we would see just how content Francophones would be defending a culture that has put them in a mass state of poverty.

This is yet another strike against the Marois government. Earlier this year, the OQLF attacked an Italian restaurant because it used the word "pasta" in its menu. Another incident features plastic spoons that were taken away from an ice-cream shop because the text on it wasn't French. And it turns out Language Minister Diane DeCourcy's aide thinks "ils sont fou ces anglos" - neither would resign after the news broke.

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