Quebec loses jobs and Option Nationale's founder

July posted massive and unexpected job losses in Quebec and has also led to the departure of former Option Nationale leader and founder Jean-Martin Aussant.

Quebec lost 30,400 jobs in July, the highest number of losses in Canada. Consequently, Quebec's unemployment rate jumped from 7.9% to 8.2%, a full percentage point higher than the national average.

While Quebecers and youth struggle to find jobs, we have since learned yet again how difficult it is to create jobs in Quebec. Notably, Wellarc, a company that would have been made by a Gatineau francophone to work on graphic design, was shot down by Quebec's language laws for being too English.

The Marois government has spent a lot of time focusing on updating Quebec's language laws. Its recent Bill 14 would enable the government to encroach further on the operations of small businesses and further impede on individual liberties - all the while enhancing the environment of discrimination and prejudice in Quebec's workforce.

Quebec's language laws have gone so far that the language police banned plastic spoons from an ice-cream parlor and led to a fine to an Italian restaurant for using the word "pasta." If this wasn't enough, an IGA in Brossard fired an employee for talking to a coworker in English during his break, the friend quit shortly after and the story made the headlines.

The Quebec separatists, so obsessed over their french language and increasingly oppressive Quebec culture, have managed to yet again destroy every effort that was made to improve economic conditions in Quebec. Families in Quebec are the losers in all of this, as their delusion of a protected Quebec culture strangles the freedom out of them. As the cost of living rises, the available jobs drop and the salaried jobs disappear. Entrepreneurs who are ready to set up shop in Quebec get scared away by regulations, high taxation and, of course, the dictatorial language laws.

The Marois government threw fiscal management out the window and started its reign of terror where no one wins and everyone loses in varying amounts. By neglecting the economy in a period where every action matters in an unstable economic climate, Quebecers yet again fall victim to its government's incompetence and ignorance.

However, despite the separatist dream to create a french-only country with laws in place to cleanse their perfect society becoming less pertinent on the provincial stage, separatists still exist, and with every strike against their cause, they grow radical and spiteful, as we've recently seen.

Aussant was a PQ MNA and founded the Option Nationale to speed up and refine the PQ dream that got lost in internal turmoil and the calculations for power. His goal was to create the new PQ and even got former PQ Premier, who led the last referendum, Jacques Parizeau on board.

Aussant is currently returning to his post as vice-president of Morgan Stanley Capital International and in a recent blog post, justified his move to England by saying, "No substantial offers came in Montreal or Quebec City." However, he did get offers in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Abu Dhabi and London...

But if you're willing to give his job offers a second look, he asks, "Was this the result of a soft market in Montreal or was I hurt within certain circles by my too-close association with sovereignty? I don't know.

"I'd like to believe it's not the latter reason. Not in 2013, for heaven's sake."

Aussant, who fought for years to destroy minorities and the English in Quebec is now returning to England because his country-to-be couldn't offer the job he was looking for from an international organization.

Aussant has been in England twice before, studying there from 1991-92 and working there from 2003-05.

There is no more telling story of the separatist's failure than watching him move to the origin country of the language he tried to dismantle, to leave Quebec because it offered no job or means to support himself and his family.

But regardless what this telling irony says about the future of Quebec and the flawed design of the separatist movement, Aussant intends to keep in touch with his separatist allies.

"There are so many of us who believe in this objective (of independence) that it seems obvious to me that we will see each other again, as we work to get ever closer," he said. "Until it happens."

However, until it happens, Quebecers will watch as the Liberals' Plan Nord, which would have created jobs and needed prosperity is dismantled, and Quebecers will watch their jobs disappear from beneath them as the OQLF gains money from slashed social programs. Quebecers will watch 9 years of rebuilding Quebec and lowering the unemployment rate be torn up and turned back into the prejudice, discriminatory place where language policies trump logic and economic growth.

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