Marois government advertises proposed Charter of Values

PQ Premier Pauline Marois's Charter of Quebec values has raised eyebrows, and while not even presented yet as a bill, has already hit the ground running and may have founds its way to your mailbox.

The battle lines are being drawn as Canada reacts to the PQ government's proposal to introduce a Charter of Quebec values. While Ottawa and the opposition Liberals have expressed clear rejection to such a proposal, the current announcement has caught Quebecer's attention and created a buzz.

The Charter wasn't yet presented as a bill, but has found its way to some mailboxes, like mine. A leaflet from the Quebec Government under the tagline "Un Quebec pour tous" briefly describes the PQ's motives with introducing such a bill.

Since my scanner couldn't fit the length of the unfolded leaflet, each individual page has been displayed below in corresponding order, click to enlarge.

The ad campaign also includes a partially bilingual website. The site includes the same information presented in the leaflet and an additional YouTube campaign featuring a statement from Democratic and Citizenship Minister Bernard Drainville and TV ad.

The Charter was announced to include a $2 million advertising blitz to get support. Recent polls show a majority of Francophone Quebecers outside the Montreal region support the idea while proximity closer to Montreal tend to oppose it radically.

Quebec's federal parties denounced it, but the Bloc Quebecois ousted one of their few remaining MPs, Marina Mourani for her opposition to the charter. Marois's provincial opposition also indicated a sour taste. The Liberals the Quebec Solidaire opposed it outright and the CAQ felt it was drastic.

While the other provinces denounce it, some are using it as an opportunity to recruit Quebec talent.

On Saturday September 14, thousands of protesters took the streets in Montreal to voice their opposition to the charter.

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