Marois backs QSF Discriminatory Behavior

This shouldn't surprise many, PQ Premier Pauline Marois defended the Quebec Soccer Federation today - confirming my previous article on the war on religious accommodation. If anything, it's time for outright condemnation of the PQ government and its supporters. Supporting such a discriminative move against communities who have done no harm is shameful and has once again made Quebec the laughingstock of the world.

The Canadian Soccer Association responded to the Quebec Soccer Federation's banning of Sikh soccer players after making the ridiculous claim that turbans pose a safety risk. Federal Liberal and Conservative politicians praised the CSA's move and today, PQ Premier Pauline Marois called the move "unacceptable."

"I think the Quebec federation has the right to establish its own regulations," Marois said.

"It is not subject (to the Canadian federation), it is autonomous, not subject to the Canadian Federation and in this regard I support it in its orientations."

The move means the CSA can shut down any games inside and outside of Quebec that involve Quebec teams. This suspension was put in place because the QSF refused to backtrack on its discriminatory ban on Sikh players.

Other PQ MNAs followed Marois's lead, defending discrimination against children raised in Sikh faith.

"I find the position of the Canadian federation is deplorable," added Marie Malavoy, the minister responsible for sport..

"I will be present at the Canada Games in Sherbrooke soon and I know there are youths who dream of going and I really want the Canadian association leaves us alone and let us take our decisions because youth will suffer in the short term."

"We start from the principle that the Quebec Soccer Federation is allowed to decide what happens on soccer pitches," added Bernard Drainville, the minister responsible for secular issues.

"The Quebec federation has the power, has the right to decide what happens on Quebec's soccer fields and I don't understand why the Canadian federation does not respect the autonomy of the Quebec federation.

"How does it concern them, what happens on Quebec's soccer fields."

The PQ has once again made Quebec the laughingstock of the world. If intolerance over the word "pasta" wasn't enough, add on the idea that Sikh soccer players can't play because their turbans pose a security risk.

On CTV news today, a TSN sports expert argued that he has seen many injuries in soccer, related to helmets, face masks and other gear all allowed in the Quebec Soccer Federation, but has yet to see a player with a turban be injured.

Pauline Marois's and the PQ's stance is unacceptable, and what is more shocking is that the federal NDP are remaining mute on the issue to retain their newly found nationalist base.

What is even more incredible is her nerve to stand by a catch phrase of "un Quebec pour tous." Where is the Quebec for Sikh people, or for the Jewish people who will be in conflict with her newly proposed fixed election date law?

It is clear Quebecers should send the PQ packing in the next election before Quebec's reputation takes any more of a hit. People outside Quebec perceive Quebecers as intolerable, spite-filled people who hate anything that isn't Quebecois and this perception is wrong. With a government headed by these kind of people representing the barest of minority mandates, however, Quebec's reputation will continue to suffer on the world stage hurting all future business and tourism in Quebec. Once again, the world knows of Quebec's flaws, imposed by a radical, hate-filled minority.

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