Federal NDP to Launch Provincial Counterpart by Next Campaign

Tom Mulcair announces that Quebec will see NDP candidates in the next provincial election.Federal NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair announced on August 17 that the NDP will have a provincial counterpart by the time the next provincial election arises. Mulcair states time as the reason why the Nouveau parti democratique du Quebec, name reserved in June, didn’t launch in time for this election.

Mulcair told CBC Radio’s The House, "my job as official leader of the Opposition and our job as a caucus as the Official Opposition is to work with whatever government is going to be put in place in Quebec. So we'll continue to talk about issues that are federal issues... but for the provincial race as you know, the only province in Canada in which the NDP doesn't run candidates for now is Quebec."

The federal NDP currently holds 58 of Quebec’s 75 seats in the House of Commons and aims to run 125 candidates to run for the National Assembly.

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